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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On the Path of Memories -- Dr Nutan (NiTi)

I walk... walk on the lane of memories...
Empire of the past with narrow courtyards.
There a lawn, a home, and a backyard,

A faded mirror with misty surface,
Wiping it out with joy and fear.
Entering in the black hole back by years,
Childhood laughing, obstinate and tears.

Warbling of birds and buzzing of bees
Whispers of parents upbringing me.
Dreams of Ghosts and fairytales indeed,
Patting by mom with eternal love and peace.

Loving sister and caring  brother.
Teaching of mother  and wishes of father.
Going to school and enjoying the day,
Games, dramas and sports I played,
Gossiping with friends and studying I praised.

Deep in the books I found the world,
The body parts, diseases and becoming expert,
My medical studies and service for mankind
Was the only aim  that i kept in my mind.
I kept pace with honesty in the life’s race
Was a student and a mother with grace.
Gift of god – a prince like son
And daughter  like an angel n having fun.

My days in clinic and duties at night

Effort to have victory, and disease to fight
To make people healthy, positive with a smile...
Mistakes..alas..there were some that i made,
Learnt my lessons, thats all that i had
they paved way for all the success.
Ah! How were the experiences,the laugh and cry?
Sunny day’s sky with breeze and kite. 
Tranquil, soothing sleep to restless night.
Sweet and sour, black and white,
Dashing of disasters and rainbow delight.

I walked on a time line, expanding my past,
Gifts of memories are deep and vast.
Going with the wind, like a bird trying to fly
Till my blissful soul ,meets the supreme high...
Written by Dr Nutan  30/09/2010 .. 1:22  AM